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Screen Printing

The technique of creating a picture or pattern by forcing ink or metal on to a surface through a screen of fine material.
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Our screen printing process is completed manually with using eco-friendly water based inks that can be pantone colour matched to your branding. 

The process starts from us exposing your artwork on to a screen and pushing the ink through the screen on to your garments.  The garments are then dried to provide a long lasting finish.

The type of garment you have chosen will determine the ink that is used for the screen printing.  Eco-friendly water-based inks can only be used on cotton garments as these allow the ink to be pushed into the garments. 

If you have chosen a 100% polyester garment like a jacket for example, the polyester does not allow the ink to sink into the garment, so a different ink is used. 

This ink is called plastisol, where it is still pushed through the screen but sits on top of the garment and requires a slightly different drying process to water-based inks.

All of the inks we use enable us to screen print multiple colour prints by creating individual screens and layering the ink on top of each other in a fixed pattern to create the desired effect.

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We use colour matching formulas to mix our inks to the required colours.


Screen Printing is perfect for a wide variety of garment and other fabrics or materials and can be printed in a number of different positions.


Printed on to both light and dark fabrics.

Eco-friendly or plastisol inks.

Print on both cotton and polyester garments by using different inks.

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